System Updates

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We have rebuilt the Dashboard in alignment with the new members area, to make it faster to load and easier for us to update more regularly.

Display time in 24-hour format

Time is now displayed in 24 hour format, with the option of setting 12 hour if required.

Set members as ‘Crew Leaders’ and ‘Drivers’

You can now set members who have been assigned to appliances as a ‘Crew Leader’, a ‘Driver’ or both. These additional statuses will be included in your incident reports.

Choose between weather or radar display

We’ve added the option of choosing between BOM radar display or the current weather conditions. The new weather widget provides information on:

  • Current temperature
  • Apparent temperature
  • Wind
  • Gust
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Rain since 9am
Set appliance status as ‘back at the station’


Take full control over appliance statuses through the BART Dashboard.


In the coming weeks, you can expect to see a bunch of new features released for the BART Team app.

Switch between 12 and 24 hour time

Your app – your choice. Visit the ‘Settings’ screen and switch between the different time formats.

‘Track Me’ on Attendance

Set BART to track you when you select ‘Attend’ for an incident automatically. This automatically updates your ETA to headquarters as you’re traveling, allowing for more accurate arrival times.
This feature is ‘Opt-in’, and your location is only visible to your team mates.

Default ETA

Set your default ‘Estimated Time of Arrival’ to provide your team with more accurate arrival times.

Link your BART events with your personal calendar

Save BART events to your personal default calendar on your smartphone or tablet device.

New ‘Booked’ Status

We’ve updated BART to automatically adjust your availability if you’re attending an event. This means if you’re attending a training event, for example, your availability status will update during that time to ‘Booked’.

New ‘Emergencies Only’ Status

Indicate to your team that you’re available for ‘Emergencies Only’.

Advising Members that Appliance is full

Once a sufficient number of members have responded to an incident, a notification to all other responders is sent advising there will be a standby at station condition applied.

Current Location Info

Your map now displays additional information about your current location (GRID, LAT/LNG’s, UTM and DEC).

BART Members

Availability Totals

We’ve added in a quick-check table for you to see availability totals for the current day. All totals are broken up into hourly blocks, and a warning is displayed if availability drops to zero.

Availability Overview

We’ve also added an Availability Overview section, to assist Zones/Districts/Regions with quickly identifying their brigades availability. You can see your brigades availability at a glance, and it also highlights when there is a skill shortage.


This year we’ve experienced an influx of new members from all around the country. As we’re expecting even more growth over the coming months, we’re making adjustments to the back-end to fortify our infrastructure in preparation.