Introducing the new Events Diary; a fully integrated diary of events for BART members. Members can expect a streamlined workflow in which to create, share and attend all types of events. Maintaining BART’s standard broadcast acknowledgement process, event managers are able to send out notifications and reminders, check attendance, share attachments and generate reports.



Pre-emptive Strike Teams

createnewmockup02KEY FEATURES

Smartphone Calendar Integration

Add events from BART straight into your smartphone device. Perfect for those wanting to keep all their important dates together within a single calendar.

Notifications & Reminders

Members will see when new events are created within the BART list view. These will be visually different to that of an incident or broadcast message, however members will still have the option of submitting their attendance intention.

Reminders can be sent out prior to an event to ensure that all members are aware of an up and coming event.


Events can be created with various attachments, including images, locations and documents to provide additional visual information. Comments can also be added to an event, which may also contain additional attachments.

Book Assets

Choose from a list of available assets to include within your event. Assets can include appliances, club rooms and other equipment.

Forward Event

Events can also be forwarded as an incident, which may be useful for instances such as strike teams for critical preparation in cases of extreme weather.

Close Event & Generate Report

Similar to the existing BART broadcasts, events can be closed off after completion where a report will be generated and sent to the team’s administrator. Reports will include the event location, attendance, attachments and any team discussions for future reference.


dashboard-mockupWe’re giving the BART Members Area a major overhaul to make it easier for you to use. With a new look and added functionality, the BART Members area will provide you with the resources you need to keep track of your team and administer your account.

There will also be some brand new features for regional managers, making it easier to administer multiple brigades, groups and units.

The Members area upgrade will also include a ‘Members Homepage’, which will offer you a range of the latest broadcast, event and discussion feeds.

In addition, there will be a number of graphs and statistics for you to keep an eye on things like average turnout times and other general information.


warningThe other new feature that we’re adding to our Spring 2017 release will include a warning for when crew minimums are not met.

Administrators can set the minimum number of members with specific qualifications required for turnout. If the number of members required isn’t met, a warning will be automatically sent out to warn managers. This will allow managers to make the necessary arrangements ahead of time.