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    Add a New Event

    img_6207To view or create an event, tap on the ‘Events’ item in the bottom quick-menu. You will see a calendar view, which will highlight any days where there is an event. You will also see a number, which tells you how many events have been added for that specific day.
    You will also see a list view of events that have been created. If you have a long list of events, you can choose to display only the list view by tapping on the list icon at the top of the screen.

    Create a new event

    1. Tap on the plus icon (+) in the top right-hand corner of the screen
    2. Give your event a name
    3. Select the type of event from the list provided
    4. Select a status for the event:
      • Tentative
      • Confirmed
      • Postponed
      • Cancelled
      Please note: Events will only be broadcast if the status is set to ‘Confirmed’
    5. Select any resources required for the event
    6. Choose the time and date for your start and end times
    7. Set a location for your event
    8. Set the minimum and maximum number of members
    9. Set the time and date that members must RSVP by
    10. If you would like to send out a reminder, set the time and date
    11. Enter in any additional notes for the event
    12. Tap ‘SAVE’ at the top of the screen





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