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    • steven_reidsteven_reid
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      Has anyone found any way to actually get this to work?

      I have gone in, activated Crew Builder, and tried to drag a user by the ‘handle’ that appears.
      but everytime I try to drag the member, it just drops back.

      I must admit, I did manage to do it once, but the other 100 times. no success.

      Is it possible to change it to a check box, so you can add multiple crew members, and further the list as well?


    • jason@waresoft.com.au
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      Hi Steve

      The Crew Builder is a current issue on the IPAD. The checkbox feature is indeed in the next release of the IOS APP along with a few more goodies. You can now utilise the whole screen for the map and rotate for those that have different placements in their vehicles

      I have been testing out the BETA version for a couple of weeks and it’s been working well.
      BART is due to release this in the coming week’s.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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