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    • TaragoAdmin
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      I just want to be clear on how the SMS side of things work. Please correct anything I have wrong.

      – In order for a member to receive an SMS the “SMS Send Instructions” box must be ticked. If it is not then no SMS will be received regardless of other settings.
      – In order for a member to receive an SMS the appropriate dropdown must be selected under each broadcast tag for each member for the particular messages that we wish to be sent by SMS. If they are all “None” then no SMS will be received, regardless of the “SMS Send Instructions” setting.
      – When an SMS is sent to a member’s phone we are charged one credit.
      – When a member replies we are not charged. The member may be charged by their own provider depending on their plan.
      – SMS credits purchased at brigade level will be drawn on for any SMS sent to a brigade member.
      – SMS credits purchased at user level can only be drawn on for SMS messages sent to that member.

      Jason M
      Tarago Admin

    • adminadmin
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      Hi Jason,

      Everything you’ve listed here looks correct, except for your first item; it’s not a requirement for the ‘SMS Send Instructions’ box to be ticked. All this option does is determine whether or not to send out instructions along with the SMS that goes out.

      Regardless of whether the SMS send instructions box is ticked, the SMS should still be received.

      Hope that helps!
      – The BART Team

    • TaragoAdmin
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      Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

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