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    • JustinHellyer
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      How has everyone set up their monitor’s with the Station Platform?

      Currently our monitors are on and lit up 24/7 which will eventually burn out pixels in the monitor’s. We have tried setting a screen saver on the PC but monitor’s won’t wake up on arrival of messages/alerts, but still get the Alert tone and voice-over.

      Has anyone found a solution to this that will give the monitors a rest in idle but light up when Alert’s come in?

    • jason@waresoft.com.au
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      Interested to hear if you came up with a solution for this as I have been asked that question a few times.


    • adminadmin
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      Hi guys,

      We’re currently looking into developing an option into the Dashboard, which will display a blank screen after a period of inactivity and hide it whenever an incident comes through.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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