bart-25kWe’ve just had our 25,000th member signup to BART, and I’d like to take this landmark as an opportunity to give you an update on how we’re going.

Firstly, I’m very proud and excited to say that BART is the number one fastest growing and most loved turnout system across Australia.

As you might be aware, BART started with humble beginnings – Initially serving only 2 CFA brigades with somewhat modest functionality. As it stands today, BART has since touched the lives of tens of thousands of emergency personnel all across the country.

There’s now well over 2,500 different brigades, groups, units and agencies using BART, with a recent influx of SES, ambulance and paramedic members. It’s an exciting time for us to witness this progression, where the pace of growth is increasing on a daily basis.

BART’s growing success rests on the shoulders of the members themselves. Through close and careful consultation with our members, we’re able to take their ideas, feedback and suggestions onboard to create a superior and more effective system.

The result of this grass roots approach is that members feel a sense of pride and ownership over BART, which is evident in the way the system’s growth has been predominantly driven through word of mouth. BART members belong to a community; those who are aware of how entwined technology has become in our everyday existence, and see the potential it has to better help them protect lives and property.

I hope you’ll stay in touch as we enter into this new level of maturity, and wish you all the best with your own public safety endeavors.

– Jan Wandek