New BART – Sneak Peek

BART’s most exciting update since it’s inception is on it’s way.

What you can expect to see:

• Ability to be a member of multiple Groups
• Invite members to your group
• Individual notification settings for each capcode
• More control over member and group access
• New Menu structure for easier navigation

What this will mean for you:

• Multi-agency members such as those who are members of both the CFA & SES will be able to be part of both groups; with the ability to see messages, chat & availability for both groups.
• Administrators will have the ability to invite users already using BART in another group to their own group, and users will be able to request membership of existing groups.
• Clearly defined menu items which will make it easier for you to navigate the important features within BART.
• Simpler, less confusing, more accurate options within BART Administration, allowing users to specify exactly what capcodes and type of notifications each of their members see.

Our continued growth and increased exposure has led to the point where we’ve been able to implement these features, as always thank you for your support and keep it coming.

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New BART for Windows Phone 8

The much anticipated new version of BART for Windows Phone 8 has now arrived. It now includes all the features of the iOS & Android versions.

Due to the huge leap forward this App has undergone, the normal update process seems to be unreliable, please delete the old version from your phone and freshly install the new Version of BART to ensure it works correctly.

The latest Operating Software for Windows Phone 8 has introduced the ability to allow custom tones for Applications, this update is required to allow the BART specific notification tones. If you’re experiencing issue with notifications, please ensure you’ve updated to the latest version of the Operating Software for WP8.

Thank you for your patience and support, make sure to let your fellow Brigade/Unit/Flotilla/Team members know if they’re using a Windows Phone 8 they can now jump onboard as well!

June 24th’s Severe Weather

A number of people asked how BART handled the most recent storms we had on June the 24th.

“GALE-FORCE winds, heavy rain and snow storms have blasted the state, leaving at least 80,000 homes without power, a truck and shipping containers overturned, and a city bar flooded.” – Herald Sun 24/06/2014

In under 24 hours BART received over fourteen thousand pager messages and sent out:

129,108 Messages consisting of:

54,446 Apple Push Notifications

39,517 Android Push Notifications

22,700 Emails

12,439 SMS’s

Thank you to all of you for the continued support, please keep spreading the word!
The more attention we can attract to BART the better, keep up the good work!

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BART Chat Message Reset

Due to some impending updates to BART, all existing chat messages will be removed this afternoon. Chat functionality within your Group/Brigade/Unit will still function as normal!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, this is the first step in many exciting developments within BART that will be coming your way.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions on our forums.

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BART Introduction & Features Video

BART smartphone app youtube video

Many people ask the questions; what exactly is BART?, what does it do? and how can it help me?

Well now we’ve got an easy way for you to explain, with the help of zebra Vision we’ve put together a video that answers just that. Please share, post and like to get the word out there!

Video is available here.

To register for BART visit the Register & Download page.

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BART Wins ‘2014 Innovative Solution Data Vic Competition’

Emerg Solutions is proud to have been announced this morning as a Winner of the ‘2014 Innovative Solution Data Vic Competition’ for our BART App. We would like to thank The Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC, Minister for Technology and George Havakis, Chair of SIBA for this award.

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BART V3.5 for Android & iOS

Good Morning All,

The Newest version of BART, Version 3.5 for Android and iOS has now been released.

Availability is the newest feature to join the BART suite, BART now includes an Availability Roster allowing users to provide and share this information amongst users. This also integrates into the attendee list showing members current availability status.

Offline functionality has now been added to allow for retrieval of the last 20 messages even without an internet connection. What this means is after loading your recent messages and maps, you can leave your internet connection behind and still see the information you had.

Continuous scrolling now allows for unlimited messages to be displayed in BART. once you reach the bottom of the first 20 messages, the next 20 will be loaded. This will allow a greater number of messages to be retrieved through BART.

We’ve also released the Android update a lot closer to the iOS release to get everyone on the same page quicker. Thanks for your continued support, and watch out for new updates here!

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Station Platform Home Location Fix

Good Morning All,

We’ve recently had a huge influx of enquiries about the BART Station Platform. Being a new addition to the BART Suite there’s obviously still things to work out and improvements to be made.

Many have asked us how to set the home location. Presently if you’re accessing the Station Platform on a device without GPS, it will pick up the address from the origin of your ISP.

We’re working on a way to be able to manually set your station location, however in the meantime one of the boys from Wonga Park CFA was nice enough to give us a work around.

Using Google Chrome you can download a web app called Manual Geolocation here

This will install an icon to the right of your address bar which will allow you to manually overwrite your present location.

Thanks for your feedback and watch out for new updates here.

BART Version 3.4 for iOS

This new Version of BART for iOS welcomes an exciting new feature. Introducing ‘Public Feeds’, now through BART as well as receiving your pager messages, you will also be able to see what is happening in your area without having to switch apps. BART will automatically display the relevant warning information for your region with the ability to manually select the region you’re after if needed.

Main Features:
- Attendance Timing
- Public CFA Feed List & Map Markers
- Automatically detects Regions for public feed
- Manual Region selection available
- Reversed next and previous buttons
- Fixed text overlap on Pager list

Main fixes for this release include the much requested text overlap issue and the reversal of the next and previous buttons. We’re always looking for ways to improve the system to make it easier for everyone to use.

Hope you all enjoy the great new features, thanks for all your great feedback.

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A note on the Fire Ready App

Due to overwhelming enquiries we would like to clarify that we ‘Emerg Solutions’ did not develop or have any influence over the fire ready app.

Thank you to everyone for your interest and queries. We would like to add these feeds into BART in the future, so you can have all the relevant information at your finger tips.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions on our forums.

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